About Us

Sunnyside Pizza first began with a passion and genuine love and appreciation for delicious cuisine.

Our family is 2nd generation Italian-Americans who have explored the beautiful cities and breathtaking countryside of Italy; including the stimulating streets of Rome, the vibrant city of Florence, the exquisite and alluring piazzas of Naples, and our little town of Pomigliano d’Arco. Each one has left a permanent signature on our hearts, with the love that they put into and the quality of taste of their food.

Which brings us to Sunnyside Pizza, after having the “experience of taste” that all of Italy had to offer we knew as a family that we had to bring that experience to Sunnyside, New York. Our belief at Sunnyside Pizza is that food has the power to connect people, unite cultures, and enrich our daily lives.

Good food is what we represent and what we will always bring our community. From the highest quality cheeses to the most delicious and distinctive sauces, and the most undeniably fresh and ripe toppings; it’s who we are.

So come on in or give us a call and discover just what we’re made of.